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No New PostsClan Meeting2 Topics - 8,692 Posts
All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Highrock for a Clan meeting!

The admins will post announcements here! Be sure to check this board every once in a while!
Sub-Boards: Warrior Code
Led By: Graystorm
6th Feb 24 at 6:23am UTC by selinawillson718
in Welcome to Warriors of the...
No New PostsThe Gathering731 Topics - 6,514 Posts
You can talk about anything here with anyone! Just remember to keep it appropriate!
Sub-Boards: Random and Utterly Pointless Games
Led By: Graystorm
9th Feb 24 at 12:47pm UTC by wefixcar
in Your Reliable Diesel Sourc...
No New PostsIntroductions/Leaving701 Topics - 13,749 Posts
Are you new here at Warriors of the Night? Make an Introduction thread here!

Are you leaving Warriors of the Night, for good or just temporarily, say your goodbyes here!
Led By: Graystorm
21st Feb 24 at 9:22am UTC by JADIYAN
in Empower 2024: J. Diyan'...
No New PostsAdvertise388 Topics - 8,812 Posts
Advertise your site here!Led By: Graystorm
10th Feb 24 at 7:10pm UTC by seo30expert
in تأسيس شركة في ...
No New PostsQuestions169 Topics - 19,887 Posts
Are you confused? Come here for answers!
Sub-Boards: Feedback, Suggestions
Led By: Graystorm
13th Feb 24 at 11:24am UTC by trikalinfo
in Play Lotus Book 247 Offici...
Characters and Story Plot
No New PostsCharacters109 Topics - 1,588 Posts
In this board you can:
Sub-Boards: Create a Cat, Clans, Looking for..., Adoption, Kits
Led By: Graystorm
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No New PostsPlot5 Topics - 265 Posts
Anything and everything regarding the plot will be here.Led By: Graystorm
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No New PostsMistClan Camp37 Topics - 540 Posts
MistClan lives in am isthmus near a roaring waterfall that sprays the camp with mist, cooling it down. There is a tall rock in the center of the camp where the leader will make announcements. There are reeds surrounding the island camp and hiding it from predators.
Sub-Boards: Warriors' Den, The Nursery, The Elders Den, The Apprentices Den, The Medicine Cat's Den, Leader's Den and Highstone
Led By: Graystorm
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No New PostsWetlands3 Topics - 412 Posts
This damp, grassy and muddy place is a great place to catch voles. Many valuable herbs grow on these banks and in the marshes. Occasionally the marsh will overflow onto the banks making them useless to MistClan. You can catch small fish in the marsh.
Sub-Boards: The Marsh, Springs
Led By: Graystorm
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No New PostsWillow Grove5 Topics - 7 Posts
This is a large clearing surrounded by willows with low hanging branches and trunks that are great for climbing. The main prey here are birds and squirrels. There is one willow that is a great spot for relaxing and enjoying the sun. Many call it the Sun Tree.
Sub-Boards: Abandoned Badger Set
Led By: Graystorm
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No New PostsStarlight Pond2 Topics - 2 Posts
This pond is where the camp is. A waterfall comes down into it creating a mist that makes it look mystical at night and in the early morning. Fish reside in the center of the pond and are hard to catch except when they come closer to the pond to get food.Led By: Graystorm
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No New PostsBoulderClan camp16 Topics - 16 Posts
The BoulderClan camp is surrounded by boulders and rocks. There is a secret tunnel out of the camp and into the camp that no other Clans know about. The entrance has brambles around it to discourage attackers, such as badgers, dogs and enemy Clans.
Sub-Boards: Warriors' Den, The Nursery, Medicine Cat's Den, The Elders' Den, Leader's Den and Highboulder
Led By: Graystorm
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No New PostsBoulder Hill3 Topics - 13 Posts
This is a hill with tons of boulders and stones. At the top there are lots of birds and rabbits to catch. A creek runs down the hillside through the BoulderClan camp. Then it veers off into MistClan territory to create their waterfall and pond.
Sub-Boards: Boulder Peek
Led By: Graystorm
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No New PostsRocky Moor1 Topics - 1 Posts
This is a large moor with rocks of all shapes and sizes placed in random places. This is a great place for chasing rabbits. The rocks provide shelter from the sun when it is too hot and there are a few stunted trees that provide a little shade.
Sub-Boards: Shady Springs
Led By: Graystorm
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No New PostsRabbit Warrens1 Topics - 1 Posts
Naturally, there are lots of rabbits here. Some of the rabbit warrens connect to form a network of tunnels that only small cats can fit in. Few cats have tried though.Led By: Graystorm
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No New PostsCanyonClan Camp0 Topics - 0 Posts
The CanyonClan camp is in a cave in a canyon cliff. A cold stream runs through it all year long making it so the CanyonClan cats have an easy source of water. By the cave entrance are prickly gorse bushes that discourage foxes and badgers as well as enemy Clans from raiding.
Sub-Boards: Warriors Den, The Nursery, Apprentices Den, Elders Den, Medicine Cat's Den
Led By: Graystorm
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No New PostsThorn Trees2 Topics - 19 Posts
This area in CanyonClan territory is an area filled with thorn trees. These trees grow close to the ground and have branches havy with sharp spines. Be careful where you walk, because sometimes the thorns fall to the ground. Led By: Graystorm, ~*Wind*~
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No New PostsCreek2 Topics - 192 Posts
This is a shallow creek that bends through CanyonClan territory. The water is clear and warm, and the bottom is covered in small pepples. Moss lines the rocks that in turn lines the creek.
Sub-Boards: The Swamp
Led By: Graystorm, ~*Wind*~
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No New PostsCliffs1 Topics - 1 Posts
This is the cliff faces of the surrounding area. CanyonClan cats love to climb the rocky cliffs and try to get to the top. Some small openings mark the cliffs, making perfect areas to hide.
Sub-Boards: Canyon
Led By: Graystorm, ~*Wind*~
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No New PostsMeadowClan Camp12 Topics - 12 Posts
The MeadowClan camp is located on a plateau with brambles and gorse bushes surrounding it. It is in the middle of a very grassy meadow.Led By: Graystorm, Dewleaf
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No New PostsMushroom Field2 Topics - 2 Posts
Mushroom Field is a big
sunny field with a lot of patches of toadstools. There are many mice and voles running around nibbling on toadstools.
Led By: Graystorm
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